Lazy Days

Well, this week just flew by so fast I never took the time to tell you about last weekend and now it’s this weekend already and I don’t know what to tell you first!
Having now been here over 6 weeks, made some good friends and started to get the hang of the work, things have been pretty good here for the last couple of weeks. In particular, these last two weekends have been the most relaxing and laid-back of my trip so far. Don’t get me wrong, 4th of July in Seattle still tops my list of favourite weekends, but there is something very pleasant about simply spending a weekend not doing very much.
Last weekend was very much how I imagine ordinary life would be if I lived here. On Friday night, hungry for something fun to start off the weekend, we went late-night bowling. The bowling alley were taking music requests, which we made the most of; it was quite fun to watch people’s reactions as their generic hip-hop was interrupted by a classic Frank Sinatra number.
After a late night bowling, I had a very lazy Saturday morning, spent the afternoon playing piggy in the middle (in America, “monkey in the middle”) in the pool (how I wish shared housing all had pools in the UK), and then cycled home. Cycling home at dusk once again gave me the advantage of seeing many of the nocturnal or just plain shy animals. This time, it was a coyote (looks like a really big blonde fox) and a couple of beavers (fuzzy, exceptionally cute and sort of bumbly in movement) that caught my attention, though sadly not my camera lens, as it was far too dark to photograph them. The weekend was finished off on Sunday with an absolutely scrumptious homemade dinner of chicken and rice, curried beef and potatoes, and green beans.


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