Poem 5: Unfair

This morning I had the privilege of representing my local division of Girlguiding on a small local news segment which involves discussing personal interest items in the Sunday papers. Given that Girlguiding represents girls and young women across the world, it was natural that some of the chosen stories featured gender issues and in particular, inequality in sport. The more time I spend in schools (both Primary and Secondary), the more my expectations of girls and boys are confounded, and the more I am convinced that often, it is the adults that complicate things and impose the limits.
Here is a little poem by Michael Rosen which shares that view.

by Michael Rosen

When we went over to the park
Sunday mornings
To play football
we picked our sides

Lizzie was our striker
because she had the best shot.

When the teachers 
chose the school team
Marshy was our striker.

Lizzie wasn't allowed to play,
they said.

So she watched us lose instead...


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