30 Before 30 List

As many of you will know, I turned 29 a couple of weeks ago. I had a lovely weekend away in Osaka to celebrate. We went to beautiful Nara, did a lot of awesome shopping, ate some incredibly delicious food and generally had a wonderful time. I will of course write about all of this in another blog post.
However, since I'm now in the last year of my twenties, I decided to follow the example of a friend and fellow blogger (check out her list here) as well as many others on the internet and write a "30 before 30 list". That is, a list of thirty things I'd like to do, see, eat etc before the year is out and I turn 30. Following on from my friend's example, I have included some things in the list that I have done before, but really enjoyed and would like to do again. My 29th year is also likely to be my last year in Japan (although not necessarily last year of living abroad) so this is also slightly a list of things I want to tick off before moving away. There are some things I would like to do "one day" which I have missed off the list, because I know I won't be able to do them within the next 12 months for one reason or another, so maybe they can go on the "40 before 40 list" in many years' time. 
I will keep you updated periodically on the progress of my list. 
Here it is:

30 Before 30 List
  1. Exercise regularly (make time to exercise at least twice a week)
  2. Save money (each month)
  3. Learn to knit, crochet or embroider
  4. Write a story (something over a page with a beginning, middle and end)
  5. Grow something edible (and eat it)
  6. See a musical
  7. Have/host afternoon tea
  8. Learn to bake a “showstopper” – e.g. sachertorte, baked Alaska
  9. Have a picnic / hanami
  10. Swim in the sea
  11. See the snow festival in Hokkaido
  12. See Mt. Fuji
  13. Revisit Kyoto
  14. Cook and eat shellfish
  15. Climb a mountain
  16. Sing in a concert
  17. Travel alone
  18. Make/sew an item of clothing or useable item
  19. Learn to identify the birds I see in Japan
  20. Read at least one book per month
  21. Learn a song in Japanese
  22. Kayak/canoe in a river
  23. Volunteer time for charity
  24. Take part in an ikebana exhibition
  25. Write a simple computer program/use a programming language
  26. Actively manage mood/practice mindful meditation
  27. Learn how to contour (make-up)
  28. Buy and wear an item of “Harajuku” fashion
  29. Spend time with family
  30. Visit another country
I'll let you know how I get on!


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