Earl Grey from a coffee pot

Well, I made it!
After 23 hours of travelling, I finally arrived in Richland, WA yesterday evening 20:30 local time (4:30am UK time - no wonder I was ready to sleep).
My room is comfy, I have a luxurious walk-in shower, and there was even microwave porridge for breakfast. Only one thing missing: a kettle! How was I to make tea?! I could have given up and gone to bed without a brew of course, but don't worry I am not so easily defeated. I may not have a kettle, but there is a coffee maker. Water goes in at the top and coffee comes out the bottom. Well, I figured if you omit the coffee granules you get hot water (see, all this aducation hasn't gone to waste). And that, my dears, is the story of how I got the slowest brewing, most coffee-scented cup of Earl Grey in the history of tea. 
Today has been a busy but very interesting day. I had an orientation at 8am, which involved learning about harrassment (don't call someone "honey", it could be misread); I was introduced to what will become my experiments; and I visited my first American supermarket (disappointingly normal; organic veg and everything!).
More on why I'm here (for those of you who don't know) in my next post, but for now I shall leave you so that I can eat a couple of pieces of Dairy Milk and muse on how to cook 8 weeks' worth of nutritious meals with only a microwave...


  1. I'm positively rapturous to hear you got there safe and sound, and managed to have a brew. I'll await the next instalment with bated breath. (Microwave = get yourself a little steamer thing to go inside.Lakeland Ltd do them and if needs be I can get one sent to me and pass it on. Yeah, that's how I rock...) x x

  2. Hi there - the food in the good old USofA is a bit of an eye opener. As is the driving, the size of the shops, the......, the ....... and not to mention all the @#%$)as well!

    Get yourself some micro wave pop tarts and Earl Grey coffee and you have “the corner stone of a nutritious breakfast!"


  3. I hope you bought some weird american produce at the supermarket?

  4. Sounds like you have quite the set up honey.

  5. I'm afraid I don't think I bought anything that really counts as weird. Since my supervisor was kind enough to give me a lift I thought I ought to buy essentials speedily and leave. Next time I will buy multi-coloured cereal at the very least, promise!


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