Secret Miss Hubbard

How on earth can it be Tuesday evening already?! I haven’t told you about my weekend yet.
In much the same vein as the secret inner geek, I’m starting to suspect I also have an inner Miss Hubbard, which may actually be even less secret than the geek. My rented bicycle doesn’t help. I have to admit, I’ve grown quite attached to it, but it is definitely quirky. It is a huge, though very light, orange road bike with no gears and no brakes. In order to slow down you simply have to pedal backwards, which took me a while to figure out but is actually surprisingly easy to master. The seat is huge and broad and pushes you forward slightly and the handle bars form an enormous arc around me. Combine all of these quirks with the fact that the bike is really a little bit big for me and you have me cycling along, sitting bolt upright, stretching my toes to the pedals and with my arms flung wide open to reach the handle bars. In short, when I cycle, I look like Miss Hubbard (i.e. an old woman puppet).
This Saturday, when I had cycled as far as the park in Richland, I stopped, despite my original plan to go and explore Pasco (it is just too far away). And what should await me in the park but an antiques fair and classic car show?! The inner Miss Hubbard was delighted! It was a pretty big antiques fair actually, a lot of what I’ve read in brochures and things seems to point to Richland as being a bit of a local hub for this sort of thing, and there are certainly plenty of antiques shops in town. Well, to be completely honest, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around poking in amongst old postcards and exclaiming to old ladies about exquisite patchwork quilts and so on. I tell you what, having a British accent goes a long way here if you are the kind of person who randomly starts conversations with strangers.
The classic cars were pretty impressive too, not that I know anything about such things, but they were all exceptionally shiny and American-looking (see my Flickr stream for examples). There was a section of the show given over to motorbikes too; these were also shiny, but much meaner-looking.
Well, I could sit here all night (it is night here, you know) rambling on about my Sunday and Monday, but I think it’s about time I made myself a nice hot cup of cocoa and settled down with a good book. Goodnight, my dears.


  1. I hope you remember that the real Miss 'ubbard wears bright orange tights!


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