A Paradise for Foodies?

Well, perhaps not an actual paradise, and probably not actual food either come to think of it. But WinCo, which I visited for the first time yesterday evening is certainly the place to go for all your crazy American food tasting needs.
WinCo itself is like the biggest Cosco ever, except anyone can shop there. After my trip to buy essentials from a sensible supermarket on Monday, yesterday was the time for me to stock up on some new taste discoveries.
Thus my purchases included the following (see also my Flickr stream for photos):

Microwave macaroni and cheese (as mentioned on Friends)
Two Hershey bars (one "Special Dark" at the recommendation of a friend)
One bottle of Mello Yello "citrus flavoured" drink
One packet of Oatmeal Cream Pies (any suggestions why I have heard of these before?)
Goober Grape flavour Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I am currently sampling the first of the Hershey bars along with my cup of PG Tips, and I can honestly say, it's not that bad! I have heard horror stories of American chocolate, and yes, I will definitely stick to Cadbury's/Galaxy in future, but I really didn't think my first taste of Hershey's was too bad at all. It tastes a lot like the middle of M&Ms, my favouritest of cinema-based munchies. So, no complaints there. I'll let you know how Mac and Cheese measures up as a friday tea tomorrow.


  1. Hi there - Sal once made a sandwich in the USA and filled it with grated carrot. Only when she eat it did she find out it was some form of hyper orange cheese! We had some muffins there once that were 75% sugar by mass! (ah science!)

    Cheers Stewart M


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